Learn to use essential oils for your health
This program...
Aromatherapy for Healthy Living
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"Introduction to Essential Oils"

...will teach you:
  • ​You will have a deep and thorough understanding of how to use essential oils in your everyday life with confidence.
  • ​You will know what the essential oils are used for, how to blend them and which essential oils you can use for different ailments.
  • ​You will know where to find reliable information about essential oils.
  • ​You will learn important safety concerns you MUST know before blending for others.
 The course was easy to follow. It was divided into 8 modules and each one had several lessons and a quiz to help you focus on the main highlights. This course has helped me to build a solid foundation of what essential oils are and how to use them safely and effectively. I have gained confidence in sharing the essential oils."
— Monique Brewster
Do you dream about being confident in making aromatherapy blends + all-natural products you can share with your friends, clients, and loved ones?
If so, you're in the right place...
Aromatherapy for Healthy Living is an online course that will make you confident in using essential oils in your daily life.
You'll learn essential oil safety, blending techniques, natural remedies for common issues, how to put essential oils to work around your home, and SO MUCH MORE...
  • A comprehensive overview of different oils, and how to actually use them in everyday life.
  • Ideas for maximizing your home's safety by getting rid of chemicals and using oils both indoors and outdoors.
  • Training that finally gives you confidence in sharing essential oils with your friends and family.
  •  A guide to show you the way toward making oils not just a part of your life, but your livelihood.
Here's What You'll Get
 Aromatherapy for Healthy Living Course (Normally $297)

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 Ultimate EO Reference Digital Bundle (Valued At $197)
  25 DIY Video Recipes (Valued At $97)
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That's $1105 of Instant Value...
don't just take it from us
Listen to what a Certified Aromatherapist had to say about this course...
 It’s often very hard to find this kind of information on the internet because most people have no clue what they are doing and pedal a lot of dangerously wrong info. However, the creators of Introduction to Essential Oils nailed it.
— Jessica Faidley, 
C.A. Certified Aromatherapist
When you enroll today, you’ll receive instant access to eight in-depth modules designed and created by Aromatherapists, that will give you:
A Strong Foundation of Knowledge
We all know what essential oils are... but do you really know what they are?
  • Learn how essential oils are actually made so you know where the oils you're using in your home really come from
  • Ever heard of hydrosols? You'll get to know all about them in this module
  • Be able to share the history of essential oils - you'll know how they've been used over the centuries
  • Know what quality indicators to look for when buying essential oils
  • Introduce cold pressed oils into your repertoire
Confidence Knowing the Basic Safety Guidelines
Essential oils are potent stuff! But not to worry, we'll outline the basic rules of thumb to keep you and your family safe. You'll be the Smokey Bear of essential oils in no time.
  • Put on your lab coat and goggles, it's science time. Get familiar with concentration and dilution rates for oils
  • Buying your oils is only the first step - you've got to know how to store them properly
  • Get well versed on precautions and concerns like phototoxicity and sensitization
  • Share oils with your loved ones safely - learn how to blend oils for children, the elderly, pregnant women, and others with special concerns
  • Bust the myths - the internet is overrun with misinformation about essential oils. We're here to set the facts straight
  • ​Get the low down on using essential oils neat, and the truth about whether ingesting oils is ever a good idea
A Map of Essential Oil Pathways
Once the basics and safety considerations are under our belt, we're hitting the road and exploring essential oil pathways - in other words - how to actually use your oils for maximum benefit.
  • Topical vs. Inhalation in a battle for the ages, but we'll unravel the mystery once and for all
  • You'll be whipping out your oils like a pro once you've mastered the best methods of application for different oils and desired results
An Overview of Fixed Oils
If you’re going to be an essential oils expert, you’ve got to know about fixed oils:
  • What they are and how to pair them with alternative carrier oils
Your Personal Guide to Using Essential Oils for Family Health
Essential oils don’t just smell beautiful, they’re practical. Learn how to put them to work around your house.
  • Use oils to clean your home – we’ll give you handy recipes you can whip up today, plus important tips on labeling and storing them safely
  • ​If you thought oils could only be used indoors, think again! We’ve got ideas for using them for seasonal concerns outside too
  • ​You’ll get insights into handling acute scenarios that could arise in and around your home – all with the power of oils
The Chef-like Expertise to Blend 'Em Up!
Part of the magic of essential oils and herbalism is your ability to mix up a custom blend that's just right for how you're feeling right now.
  • Never blended before? We've got you covered with our blending basics lesson
  • Time to create! You'll create your own D-I-Y roll-on blend. It'll smell as good as Chanel, but make you feel even better
A Career Map in Aromatherapy
Now that oils are a part of your life, explore making them your livelihood. Whether you’re looking for a side-hustle, a work-from-home business, or considering taking career switch and getting training, we’ve got helpful info for your next steps.
  • Learn about using oils everyday as a practitioner in massage therapy, physical therapy, herbalist, or aromatherapist
  • Determine which path to business ownership is right for you: network marketing, eCommerce, retail, or coaching
All the Knowledge Ready for the Real World
You know your stuff. Now it's time to bring your professor-like knowledge into the real world and actually start reaping the benefits of essential oils in your real sink full of dishes, laundry on the floor, daily life. (Or into your lounging on a velvet sofa eating bon-bons life, if that's how your roll. The rest of us will just be here, cleaning up after the kids and dog).
  • Making it a lifestyle – tips on incorporating your EO into daily routines
  • Encouragement as you begin this next chapter of wellness
You're ready for Aromatherapy for Healthy Living if...
  • You're new to the world of essential oils and herbs, and you’re ready to dive in.
  • You're tired of reading blog post after blog post about random oils - you're ready to learn the fundamentals and finally have all the knowledge you need to use aromatherapy and herbs in your home.
  • You're willing to put in effort to really dig into learning how oils work, and then implement that knowledge, creating your own blends and reaping the benefits of health and wellness.
  •  You have an essential oils business and you want to grow it by providing your customers with more useful tips about using oils.
  •  You already have an arsenal of oils - all that's holding you back is knowing exactly what to do with them.
  •  You’ve never tried essential oils, but have heard that having an oils business can bring in serious cash, and you’d like to explore it more.
  •  You're nervous about using oils in your home safely.
  •  You're excited to become an essential oils expert!
  •  You're looking forward to creating blends you can use in your own home - this week!
If you can raise your hand to more than two of these statements... you're ready.
By now you've seen that having an education about oils and herbs is the distinguishing difference between your oils collecting dust on the shelf, and your whole family benefiting from all-natural remedies, mood-boosters, and even cleaning formulas.
Hi there! I'm Lauren Gamble.
When I'm not chasing my son through our home, you'll find me mixing up my favorite oils blends, advising clients on using oils, and mentoring fellow EO entrepreneurs. I discovered aromatherapy back in 2016 when my son was born prematurely. I wanted to give him this healthiest environment possible, and started exploring more natural alternatives to common household chemicals. Since then, I've invested in becoming an expert in using oils at home.... and then I built a 7- figure business in oils. You could say I live and breathe essential oils...literally.

Sharing the vast knowledge I've gained by consulting with certified aromatherapists is my heart's passion. There's such a crazy amount of information about herbs and oils online today, but you deserve to have all the facts gathered in one place, and presented in an easy-to-learn way.
“I love that you always feel a warm and welcome email back from Lauren and she is always so nice and friendly and so far what I have gotten I am enjoying 100% I wear my tree necklace every day usually with Bergamot in it and then thru her e-book I diluted some juniper berry and using it daily around my ears as I heard it helps tinnitus (ringing of the ears) and I am here to tell you it has made a huge difference in the level of it. I recommend it to anyone who has this horrible condition. You’re awesome Lauren and thanks for being who you are and what you do."

-- Bobby Stout Spencer
It's ok to have questions about all of this, and I’m more than happy to answer them for you!
Can't I learn about all of this from Google?
So glad you asked! This is the entire reason we created this course. Yes, you can get tons of information on the internet, think about how many blog posts you read, hoping to gain insight on a topic, only to realize the article didn't answer your question and you have to go find another site... think about the message boards where strangers state their opinions... with little or no facts to back them up. We know you can find a lot of this information in bits and pieces elsewhere. The incredible opportunity you have right now, is to get all the information you need, neatly bundled and tied with a bow, ready to access when you are, and available for you to reference as often as you need.
I'm a busy mom and don't know how much time I'll be able to commit right now. Can I go at my own pace?
We designed this course especially for you! We know what it's like to have a crazy, hectic life. That's why we designed the course so that once you join, you have all the information for a lifetime. No expiration dates. Take your time going through the lessons and quizzes, and feel free to come back and reference the lessons whenever you need a refresher.
I don't know if I'm really qualified to be trying herbs and essential oils. Maybe I should leave it to the professionals?
Friend. Herbs, oils, and aromatherapy have been used for centuries by health practitioners, and ordinary folks alike. The beauty is that they're completely natural, and that means they're much safer than the OTC pills, creams, and artificial fragrances we're used to using every day. With the information in this course, you'll be fully equipped to start using essential oils and herbs in your home.
I already have a few essential oils. Will I learn anything new?
Part of the reason I saw a need for creating this course is that while essential oils are widely available, most of us aren't using them to their full potential. If you want to get an in-depth overview of how oils really work, how you can create your own blends, and lots of practical tips for using them in real life, you'll find a ton of value here.
“Originally I got turned onto oils because a friend recommended Peppermint to me for headaches. I was amazed at how fast and well it worked. Through experimentation I have found that Spike Lavender and Peppermint work best for me for headaches. I love the versatility of these oils. I can diffuse that combination while lying in bed or put some on topically around my neck and temples for headaches. If I start in on one in the middle of the night, I can reach for my inhaler and get immediate relief. So thankful for these oils. I rarely have to take Excedrin now and almost never have awful migraines. I've used oils to get rid of fungus on my toenails, I've successfully treated red and infected scratches from the cat with essential oil salve. I've kept bad colds from turning into bronchitis by using diffusers and hot baths with oils. I have successfully boosted my energy levels using different home made blends. Even the swelling of my thyroid lessened. I cannot tell you how many times I started in on a cold or runny nose and diffused a Thieves-type blend only to feel better the next day. While these oils aren't miracle workers, they do make small and gentle differences that make them worth it to me. The prices of the oils on her website make them very affordable. There is such a variety that I can make many blends myself. I'm so thankful that I found this site and plan to keep on ordering more as I continue on this oily journey. Thank you Lauren."

-- Robin Verbil
If you're still wondering if this course is right for you at this point, let me share this...
If you're a mom of young kids who's running short on sleep, and shorter on patience the bugs that are always circulating through playgroup... you need this course.

If you've got a job that gets more stressful with every single email notification, and you've noticed your shoulders up around your ears lately... it's time to take a deep breath, because you need this course.

If you're eager to help babysit your grandkids, but tired of the daily aches and pains that slow you down all day, and keep you up all night, you need this course.

If you're tired of reaching for Windex, Clorox, Deet, and other household chemicals, you need this course.

If you’re a network marketing professional and want to become educated on the oils you’re selling, you need this course.
Start the journey toward Using Essential Oils, Aromatherapy, and Herbalism
The content in this course is meant for educational purposes only, and should not be construed as medical advice. See your medical provider before beginning any new regimen. We make no claims or guarantees regarding career or business results.

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