Native Path Keto Collagen Coffee Creamer Review

The Most Delicious Keto Collagen Creamer to fuel ketosis, burn fat, boost energy and power the mind all day

Native Path Keto Collagen Coffee Creamer Review
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Native Path Keto Coffee Creamer

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This is a review of Keto Coffee Collagen Creamer by Native Path. See if this is a product that we recommend when it comes to taste and effectiveness.

I just found an awesome freebie I want to tell you guys about.

Right now, you can order the Native Path Keto Collagen Coffee Creamer Sampler Pack for FREE. All you have to pay for is shipping and handling!

What is Keto Collagen Coffee Creamer?

Keto Collagen Coffee Creamer is a powdered creamer that contains both MCT oil and collagen. Just stir it in, hot or cold, and you have a delicious Keto coffee!

For those already on a Keto diet, you probably realize how awesome and easy this is for starting your mornings off right.


But for those of you who aren’t, here’s an overview of the Keto diet and the wonders it can work on your body:

Keto Collagen Coffee Creamer

The Ketogenic Diet 

The Ketogenic Diet is based on consuming very few carbs and sugar. When the body stops consuming carbs, the liver starts burning fat and producing “ketones” from it. Ketones fuel the body in place of carbs.

When you start producing ketones, you’ve entered into a state of “ketosis.” Hence “keto” dieting.


Your body starts burning fat 24/7, which is obviously a great way to lose weight. People also report that they experience better focus, less hunger, and improved overall mood on the keto diet.


To stay in ketosis, your body needs two things: high-quality fat and protein.

Enter Keto Coffee

Keto coffee contains MCT oil (the high-quality fat) and collagen (the protein).


It's is the perfect way to start the day. It keeps you in ketosis while supplying you with the energy, protein, and fat you need to feel alert and satisfied. Keto coffee also keeps you in a fasted state until lunch. Intermittent fasting complements the keto diet really well and is amazing for losing weight.


Keto coffee can be made at home, but collagen and MCT oil (which is derived from coconut oil) most often come in big, bulky containers with even bigger price tags. Then you have to measure everything out and stir ferociously in order to get a palatable texture.

Keto Collagen Coffee Creamer

Native Path Keto Collagen Coffee Creamer eliminates all the guesswork. I’ve never seen anything like it before. 

The ready-to-serve packets can be one big serving or divided into two. Just pour it into your freshly brewed coffee. With a quick stir, it dissolves right away. It makes my coffee super creamy without any chalky texture or lumps.

Each 20-gram serving contains 10 grams of fat-burning MCT oil and 5 grams of Collagen. It has only 1g of carbs and 120 calories!

Keto Collagen Coffee Creamer Nutrition

Keto Collagen Coffee Creamer comes in three flavors:

  • Mocha Latte
  • Vanilla Caramel
  • Butter Pecan

I’m semi-obsessed. They are so. freaking. good. Vanilla Caramel is definitely my favorite but they’re all great. The sampler pack also came with a recipe book. It’s pretty substantial considering it was free.

It has over thirty recipes for fancy teas, lattes, and smoothies. It’s not like I would get bored with my morning coffee, but some of these recipes are delicious. Especially the Pumpkin Spice Keto Latte! 

Keto Recipe Book

The creamers are also sugar, soy, GMO, and gluten-free which are all things I try to steer clear of. I was excited when I discovered them because it’s really hard to find a coffee creamer that doesn’t have tons of sugar in it. 

Keto Creamer Benefits

Besides being delicious, the creamers contribute to my overall health. I feel great when I start my day with a keto coffee. I get a big boost in energy and show up to work alert, focused, and motivated.

Before, I would start considering eating my lunch at eleven. Now I don’t get hungry at all in the morning. Plus, I feel really satisfied knowing that I haven’t consumed practically any calories until noon!


I also want to point out all the benefits of collagen alone. I’ve been taking it for years to treat my bad knees, and the creamers make working it into my daily routine easy.

Collagen works wonders on your hair, skin, nails, and joints. I definitely notice a difference when I stop taking it for a couple of days.

How much does it really cost?

Native Path has a limited-time offer. The creamers are usually $15.95. Right now a sampler pack of the Vanilla Caramel, Mocha Latte, and Butter Pecan creamers are FREE

All you have to do is pay for shipping and handling. You'll pay under seven dollars for one of each and the Recipe Book.


Since you would use these in place of breakfast, that’s only seven bucks for over a week’s worth of morning meals. Plus your coffee creamer. I’d say that’s a pretty great deal to jump at. I’ve already ordered twice!

Final Thoughts About Native Path Keto Coffee Creamer

I am kind of obsessed with these creamers. They are delicious and whenever I use them (which is pretty much every day) I feel amazing, satisfied, and alert all morning. It’s a great way to start your day in a healthy, positive way that doesn’t involve chunky, high maintenance smoothies or exhausting workouts.


Plus, it’s basically free! If you’re interested in intermittent fasting, going on a Keto Diet, or just losing weight, this would be a great place to start.


  • ​Free
  • Three yummy flavors
  • Comes with a free recipe book
  • Keeps you in a state of ketosis as you burn fat
  • Gluten, soy, sugar, and GMO-free

  • You still have to pay for shipping
  • Supply only lasts you 6 servings
  • As the creamers contain whey and collagen, they are unfortunately not vegan
Native Path Keto Collagen Coffee Creamer Review

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