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A complete source of grass-fed protein to fuel your body.

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This is a review of Equip's prime protein made from grass-fed beef. See if it stacks up with all of the customer reviews.

I’ve been taking this protein powder for awhile, and I thought it was high time to share it with you guys. It's awesome, and contains only three ingredients!

Grass-fed beef protein, cocoa powder, and stevia leaf powder. And before you get weirded out by the beef, hear me out!

What is Prime Protein?

Prime protein is grass-fed beef isolate powder.

Grass-fed beef is one of the highest-quality animal proteins around. 

“Grass fed” means that the cows were allowed to graze and forage at their own will. So not only were they treated humanely, but they subsisted on a much more natural diet than grain-fed cows.

Grass-fed beef tends to be lower in fat but higher in omega-3s, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), and vitamin E. 

Bag of Prime Protein Chocolate Powder
Prime Protein Nutrition Facts

Unlike many protein powders, this is real and complete protein. It contains collagen, gelatin, amino acids, and all the other micronutrients found in beef.

Each serving of Prime Protein contains 24 grams of complete protein, which they claim is 20% more than the industry standard.

That’s a huge portion of my daily needs.

Besides beef, there are only 2-3 other ingredients!

The chocolate flavor (my favorite) contains cocoa powder while the vanilla flavor contains coconut milk powder and organic vanilla powder.

Both are flavored with stevia and that’s it.

It’s equally important to note what’s not in Prime Protein. The protein powder contains no gluten, soy, dairy, hormones, whey, antibiotics, preservatives, or artificial flavors.

This makes it a great option for people sensitive to allergens. It is also keto and paleo-approved!

I’ve also noticed that I don’t experience any weird gut issues from Prime Protein, which can often be a side effect of whey protein powders.

How is Prime Protein Different from other Protein Powders?

The most popular protein sources for nutritional shakes are whey and soy. But they may not be as good for us as we’d like to think.

Whey is probably the most popular kind of protein powder. It’s used to both build muscle and lose weight.

However, it’s a byproduct of milk and can therefore cause a lot of digestive issues to those who are lactose intolerant (unless it’s an isolate, which is less commonly found in protein powders). One study also suggested that whey can raise insulin, which causes you to store fat!

Equip Prime Beef Protein

Soy is a staple in many vegetarian diets, but comes with some controversy. Soy itself is very nutritious. It can help lower cholesterol and even aid symptoms of menopause. But soy protein isolate, found in protein powders, is highly processed.

Further, the FDA claims that over 90% of soybeans produced in the United States are genetically engineered. While that’s not necessarily always a bad thing, I prefer clean, natural food as much as possible. Soy also may not be as effective in building muscle as an animal-based protein is.

Obviously, there’s a bunch of great alternatives to soy and whey, like hemp, rice, and pea protein powder. But I’ve never seen anything like Prime Protein, whose protein is solely from grass-fed beef.

How does it Taste?

I feel like after ranting about the benefits of beef protein, I have the clarify: this does not taste like beef! I love the chocolate flavor. It honestly tastes like chocolate brownies, or a chocolate milkshake. But I know you won’t believe me unless you try it yourself! 

It’s also good texturally. It definitely doesn’t have that all-too-familiar chalky flavor so many otherwise good-tasting powders do.

Because of all the collagen and gelatin (and lack of chemical stabilizers), there are some clumps. But it whips up quite smoothly. There’s a lot of froth on top, but once it settles it is light, smooth, and delicious!

How to Use Prime Protein

Add one serving of Prime Protein to your morning shakes to make them a full meal replacement. It can be as simple as shaking it  up with 8-10oz of almond milk (or whatever you like best). It’s awesome for boosting muscle recovery after the gym.

You can bake with it too! I’ve been adding it to a lot of recipes for a boost of flavor and protein.

Cost and Bag Size

Each bag of Prime Protein contains thirty 29-gram servings and costs $64.00.

If you subscribe, you get a 15% discount on every bag. If you love the stuff this can be a great option, because it’ll just come to your door every month (or however fast you go through it).

I know this is a little more expensive than some other protein powders out there, but I’d rather spend more when it comes to my health.

Prime Protein has only three, completely pure ingredients. Plus, more protein than most of its competitors!

Back of bag of Prime Protein

Final Thoughts About Equip Prime Protein Powder

Unless you’re a vegan or vegetarian, this is a protein powder worth checking out. It is so, so good and is one of the purest and cleanest protein powders I’ve ever seen. Plus, the fact that it contains grass-fed beef sets my mind at ease because it’s made from humanely treated animals with healthy profiles. 


  • ​Contains only 3-4 clean natural ingredients
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Hormone Free
  • Tastes delicious

  • Contains animal products
  • Must be ordered online
Equip Paleo Protein Powder

Beef is the new whey.

A complete source of grass-fed protein to fuel your body.

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