FloraSpring Probiotic Review

Promotes digestive efficiency

FloraSpring Probiotic Review
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Revival Point Floraspring

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Read my review of Revival Point Florapsring probiotic to see if it is a product that you should buy to help promote digestive health.

It’s no secret that I love my probiotics. They're natural and keep my body (and gut in particular) healthy and balanced.

I recently reviewed a different probiotic, but I actually switch up brands every month or so. This is because probiotics, and many supplements in general, have little differences and key features between brands.

Probiotics are live bacteria strains, and no two are the same. Different brands use their own combination of strains. It’s good to mix things up to get the benefits of a wide variety of probiotics. It also keep the body’s response to them from becoming stagnant.

The one I’m using right now is FloraSpring™ by Revival Point. These probiotics were created by best-selling author and weight loss expert Dr. Steven Masley, MD. He claims that the “super strains” in FloraSpring™ can lead to dramatic weight loss. After doing some research on the guy, I can tell you he's the real deal.

Why take Probiotics?

Our bodies contain hundreds of strains of bacteria. Probiotics are the good kind.

But many of us have much more of the bad kind. Things like stress, poor diets, pollution, smoking, drinking, etc. produce bad bacteria. An excess of bad bacteria promotes indigestion, bloating, gas, and weight gain.

While you can consume probiotics through food, often we don’t get as many as we need on a daily basis.

So it’s an excellent idea to incorporate a probiotic supplement into your daily routine.

I take mine every morning with breakfast.

Probiotics balance the bacteria in the digestive tract. They have been shown to boost the immune system and treat digestive conditions. Additionally, people claim they've lost weight with the help of probiotics. Research also shows that they can even improve mental and cardiovascular health.

Why take FloraSpring™ Specifically?

FloraSpring™ uses what Dr. Masley calls “super strains.” There are five, and he claims that they work together to produce maximum results.

Alongside keeping the gut healthy and balanced, FloraSpring™ also promises to burn fat and reduce food cravings.

Revival Point FloraSpring
FloraSpring Supplement Facts

What makes FloraSpring™ a little different from other probiotics is that it also contains “booster strains.” This is great because the gut needs a lot of different kinds of good bacteria strains to thrive.

FloraSpring™ has 25 Billion CFU per serving. This far exceeds the minimum of one billion set by the Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics.

The supplements are gluten, dairy, GMO, and allergen-free. They are also GMP-certified. I don’t notice any side effects, even when switching from my other probiotic to this one. It’s a really nice, smooth transition. 

The FloraSpring™ primary ingredients, or "super strains" are:

  • Acidophilus: One of the best-known probiotics. It's amazing for treating bowel problems, eczema, lactose intolerance, and urinary tract infections.
  • Fermentum: Reduces body fat and optimizes digestion.
  • Rhamnosus: A natural mood-booster that also aids in weight loss.
  • Gasseri: An emerging probiotic that reduces visceral fat, lowers cholesterol, fights fatigue, and improves vaginal health.
  • Breve: A popular probiotic that reduces weight, lowers cholesterol, and keeps the digestive tract balanced.

One other thing I like is that I don't need to refrigerate these. Most probiotics die at room temperature. I find FloraSpring™ less high-maintenance in this regard. I don’t forget about them because I can store them with all my supplements. Plus, I can travel with them too.

Six Bonus Gifts Included 

With a purchase of FloraSpring™ you also get:

  1. FloraSpring™ Booster Guide. This is basically a little how-to manual on getting the best results with the probiotics. It tells you when to take them, what to take them with, and what to eat while on them.
  2. Microbe Boosting Cookbook. A bunch of recipes that Dr. Masley put together. They work well with the probiotics to help you lose weight. There are recipes for every meal of the day, and ones that work with specific diets too.
  3. Dr. Masley’s Secret Shopping Guide. A little help finding healthy junk food and affordable nutritional foods!
  4. Minute Burn Master Course. One, five, and seven minute workout routines by Ricky Hunter.
  5. Healthy Gut Cheat Sheet. A quick reference guide for making your body and house gut-friendly.
  6. Three “Flora Booster Bars.” Naturally sweetened dark chocolate!

Cost and Return Policy

One bottle of FloraSpring™ costs $49.95 plus shipping. One bottle has thirty servings, to be taken once a day. So one bottle will last you one month.

If you choose to sign up for auto-shipments you receive an extra 10% off.

The savings increase if you choose to buy bottles in a three or six-pack.

Revival Point offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. I find this pretty long compared to a lot of nutritional e-commerce sites out there.

Final Thoughts About Floraspring Probiotic

I personally really like FloraSpring™. It has a huge range of probiotic strains - more than I’ve seen in many of its competitors. It makes my gut feel super regular. No bloating or indigestion! The transition from my other probiotics to this one went really smoothly too.

A lot of people on the site’s review page claimed it helped them lose weight too. That's a bonus, because not all probiotics claim to help with weight loss.

I would recommend FloraSpring™ for anyone who is suffering from poor gut health. It may also help you lose weight and cut back on your food and sugar intake.


  • ​Five “super strain” probiotics and supplementary “booster strains.
  • Helps with digestive efficiency
  • Reduces hunger cravings
  • Gluten, allergen, dairy, and GMO-free
  • You don't need to refrigerate them
  • Six bonus gifts
  • ​Capsules contain gluten, so these aren’t vegan
  • You can only order online and shipping is an extra $6.95 unless you buy three or six bottles
Revival Point FloraSpring

Revival Point Floraspring Probiotic

Experience digestive efficiency along with decreased hunger cravings

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