How My Son’s Premature Birth Led To My Love For Essential Oils (& Changed My Life Forever)

In 2016, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Chase. Chase was premature at 34 weeks and 2 days and I spend some time in the NICU.

I was a nervous first time mom and had to care for my delicate 5 pound boy.

After browsing the Internet for hours trying to educate myself on how to best care for my baby, I realized that premature newborns are prone to various risks.

At this moment, I began to rethink our home and all the products Chase was being exposed to.

I was determined to remove all of the hazardous, chemical-based products out of the home and replace them with natural ones that would be better for my sweet boy.

During my mission to create a healthier environment for Chase, I discovered the benefits of Aromatherapy.

Lauren and Chase

My precious baby boy, Chase and I

Once I tried countless essential oil brands, I became very frustrated & disappointed. The oils were either overpriced, poor quality, or took several months to arrive.

I was a new mom who was not working and didn’t have the resources to spend a ton of money on oils.

In an effort to help myself and others in the same shoes as me, I desperately wanted to find an affordable way to enjoy quality essential oils.

That’s when the idea of starting my own business hit me.

I started Naturally Made Essentials and knew that doTERRA had the perfect product line to offer to my customers.

After all, doTERRA essential oils are high quality, affordable, effective, and could make a positive difference in the lives of people from all walks of life.

Do Essential Oils Really Work or Are They A Complete Waste of  Money?

If you’re like me, you don’t have a lot of money to burn on trying different products. You may be asking yourself if essential oils really work and wondering if they are worth the investment.

The truth is essential oils are great therapeutic aid and can provide you and your family with a variety of benefits including:

  • Stronger immunity
  • Improved digestion
  • Faster healing
  • A good night’s sleep
  • Allergy and sinus relief
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased happiness

It’s important to keep in mind that while essential oils do work, they should not be used in place of traditional medicine. In other words, if a doctor has prescribed you a medication or treatment, do not disregard it.

How doTERRA Really Impressed Me!

I have to admit that when I first heard about doTERRA I was skeptical. I knew what it was like to be disappointed by products I had so high expectations for.

Fortunately, doTERRA essential oils did not let me down and improved the quality of life for my little family.

Unlike other products you may find online or at a health store, doTERRA essential oils contain, no added filters, synthetic ingredients, or harmful contaminants and are packaged through a battery of test to ensure a long and effective shelf-life.

Before a batch of their oils hit the market, it passes a rigorous three step test, so that you can receive the highest quality oils every time.

How Do I Buy DoTERRA Without Being Locked Into a Monthly Minimum & Selling The Oils?

If you’re ready to leave toxic chemicals and harmful ingredients in your past and change your life one drop at a time, buy DoTERRA today.

You can do so without being locked into a monthly minimum and committing to selling the oils. Your 3 options for buying oils include:

  1. Retail Price: There’s no reason for you to pay full price on the oils, so I’m not even going to explain how you can do so.
  2. Wholesale Customer Membership: Pay $35 to become a doTERRA wholesale customer and buy oils whenever you’d like at 25% off.
  3. Wholesale Customer Starter Kit (Recommended): The wholesale customer starter kit is truly the best way to buy oils. If you make the smart decision to purchase it, your wholesale membership fee will be waived and you can share with your friends and earn commissions.

In addition, the starter kit will allow you to:

  • Try the most popular oils
  • Pay wholesale purchasing on all your oils year round
  • Enjoy discounted and free shipping
  • Participate in a complimentary 30-minute wellness consultation
  • Gain access to the doTERRA online Oil Camp

With any of these requirements, there is no requirement to sell or place a minimum monthly order.

Start With The AromaTouch Diffused Starter Kit (The one I bought!)

AromaTouch Diffused Kit

What’s Included:

Essential Oils: (5 mL bottles)

doTERRA Balance, Lavender, Melaleuca, doTERRA On Guard, AromaTouch, Deep Blue, Wild Orange, Peppermint

Other Products

Fractionated Coconut Oil (4 oz), Petal Diffuser, The doTERRA Essentials Booklet

How do I get started?

In the event you fall in love with doTERRA (like I did) and want to share it with others, you can become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. You’ll be able to create an income stream while educating people about the benefits of Aromatherapy.

Since I’m so confident that doTERRA will change your life for the better (like it did mine), I will reward you with these GREAT BONUSES if you become a wholesale member, order the starter kit, or sign up to be a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

Bonus #1: Stainless Steel Tree of Life Essential Oil Necklace (Retail Price: $29.95)

Tree of Life Necklace

Bonus #2: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Essential Oils (Retail Price: $29.95)

Beginners Guide to Essential Oils

Bonus #3: 39 Recipes for Aromatherapy Jewelry eBook (Retail Price: $10)

Aromatherapy Jewelry Recipes

Bonus #4: Natural Health Community of Over 3,000+ Members (Priceless!)

I will add you to my Natural Health VIP Community with a community of over 3,300 members – a place to help you on the path to a more natural lifestyle. Here we’ll provide support, give feedback, and share advice about natural living, DIY tutorials, healthy recipes, favorite home remedies, and much more!

Bonus #5: Guidance From a 7-Figure Essential Oil Business Owner (Priceless!)

My husband and I started our essential oils business in early 2017. And in under a year we grew the business to over $1 million dollars! When you join doTERRA through my partner link below, you will get my guidance.

Bonus #​6: ​2 Comma Couple Course (Retail Price: $197.00)

​My training and coaching program where I share how to start and run a successful online business.

Total Value: $​266.90

Next Steps To Take

  • 1. Signup for a wholesale account or purchase your wholesale starter kit

  • 2. After signing up, shoot me an email here with a quick intro about yourself, along with your address to ship your tree of life necklace.

  • 3. I will email you back to setup a quick 15 minute intro call with you along with the rest of your bonuses.
  • Have more questions or just want to talk oils?

    Click the button below to get in touch with me. I’d love to chat!

    What Current doTERRA Users Have to Say:

    Over eight years ago, I had an unfortunate fall that changed my life forever. Several discs in my neck and lower back were badly damaged. Two years ago, a miracle came into my life: dōTERRA! My energy levels went up, my thinking became sharper, and my discomfort began to subside.

    John Doe

    UI/UX Designer

    Shirley M

    Essential oils help me focus, increase my energy, and relax me. Before finding them, I didn’t have a lot of energy, I wasn’t getting a lot of sleep, my mood swings were significant and I was constantly getting sick.

    Anik C.

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