Joovv Go Review

A portable red light therapy device with medical grade power

Joovv Go Review
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Joovv Go Review

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This is a review of the Joovv Go red light therapy device that will help improve skin health and other superficial skin treatments.

Red light therapy. It’s something that hasn’t quite hit the mainstream health wave, but is in no way irrelevant.

I’m going to tell you guys a little about how red light therapy works, as well as introduce a product that makes it accessible for everyone: the Joovv Go

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation (PBM), low level light therapy (LLLT), and cold laser therapy, is done by exposing the skin to low-level wavelengths (between 660 nm and 890 nm) of red or near-infrared light to treat the body at a cellular level. 

Studies confer that daily red light exposure can lead to: 

Joovv Red Light Therapy

Visibly improved skin health (it can even heal sunburns!)

Fat loss

Muscle recovery

Increased testosterone production in men

Fading of scars and stretch marks

Enhanced weight loss

Hair regrowth

Enhanced muscle recovery

Improved thyroid function

Decreased inflammation

Reduced joint, muscle, and tendon pain

Improved chemotherapy side effects

The list keeps going. It's beneficial in so many ways because it produces an effect that strengthens mitochondria, the energy-producing powerhouses of our cells.

What is the Joovv Go?

joovv go red light with case

Red light therapy has been used in clinics and spas for decades, but Joovv has made it possible to give yourself red light therapy treatments. 

They've earned their place as the top brand for at-home red light therapy products. 

For full-body benefits, a significant investment in large modular devices is needed. But what the Joovv Go offers is targeted therapy and convenience.

The Joovv Go, at only one pound with a rechargeable battery, is made for those who want the benefits of red light therapy on the go. 

If you have specific problem areas, like a scraped knee or sunburnt shoulders, the Joovv Go is an ideal option. It's also great for the face, as it can help produce collagen and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This is wireless, portable red light therapy that can on vacation or be used watching TV. I can only imagine how awesome it would be for traveling athletes who need quick and drug-free muscle recovery on the go.

How does the Joovv Go Work?

The Joovv Go comes in a protective travel case with a USB-C charger (which can also charge many phones).

There's a power button on the side. Hold it down for about three seconds, and the lights will come on. Hold the Go 2-6 inches from the target area. The lights automatically turn off after ten minutes, which is the recommended time to use red light on a specific area.

You can get roughly six 10-minute uses from it before it needs to be recharged, which takes three hours. So if you’re using the Joovv Go the recommended once-a-day, you’ll only have to charge it once a week.

However, it’s totally OK to use it on different areas in one sitting, in which case you’d have to charge it more frequently. 

The battery is set to last 500 uses, after which Joovv says they’ll help replace it. That seemed a little unclear to me, but maybe they’re still figuring that part out—it’s a pretty new product!

It’s also important to note that a fan runs on the inside to prevent the LED lights from overheating. This is why I think it’s got a little bulk to it. The fans do make a little noise, which isn’t too bad. But you do notice it.

There’s also an optional Bluetooth control. I don’t really think it’s necessary for the Joovv Go, but it has some cool features if you’re tech-inclined.

Red or near infrared (NIR) light?

The Joovv Go comes in these two options:

Red light, at 660nm is less intensive. It's ideal for improving skin health. It can help produce collagen, heal wounds and sunburns, and relieve minor pain. 

Near infrared light is invisible to the human eye. At 850nm, it's better for healing deeper problems, such as muscle recovery and joint pain. 

My Personal Experience with the Joovv Go

I wouldn’t promote a product I didn’t like myself.

I have the Joovv Go with red light. I’ve been using it daily, mainly on my face. I’ve noticed an improved clarity in my skin.

I also have herniated discs in my upper back, and even though this doesn’t have the same wavelength as infrared lights do, I definitely notice a difference in how much my back bothers me.

I’ve had it for about a month, which is how long Joovv claims it takes to notice effects.

While I know that the big benefits come from the large Joovv panels, I’m really enjoying this because I can travel with it and use it while doing other things. I also have specific areas that I really need targeted treatment for. 

How much does the Joovv Go cost?

Red light therapy isn’t cheap. It requires high-quality LED lights set to a specific wavelength, and tons of power. The Joovv Go is $295.00. It is protected by a two month trial period so if you’re not feeling it, you can always send it back.

This can be a good starter for getting into red light therapy without buying the large panels, which can cost thousands. But if you really want to commit to red light therapy, I encourage you to check out Joovv’s full line of products. You can always sign up for a financing plan.

Final Thoughts About The Joovv Go

I’m really enjoying the Joovv Go. In a month I’ve already noticed a difference in my bad back and skin. I’ve always wanted an at-home red light therapy system, but could never afford it. I was a little skeptical of spending so much money on a relatively new kind of treatment too. But the Joovv Go has helped me zero in on my target areas with great results!


  • Easy to use
  • Tons of health benefits
  • Wireless and rechargeable
  • Way cheaper than the full red light therapy systems
  • Joovv provides financing plans and a two-month trial period

  • Fan makes some noise
  • It's a little bulkier than I expected
  • Can't offer the same level of benefits provided by Joovv's larger pieces

Joovv Red Light Therapy

Truly Portable Light Therapy

Take your Joovv Go anywhere you want to go

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