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Does Organifi Gold actually help with sleep, sore muscles, and joint pain? We reviewed it to find out.

Organifi Gold Review
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This is a review of Organifi Gold that includes turmeric and reishi mushrooms. Learn what I thought about the product and if it's worth trying.

Millions of Americans suffer from inflammation every day, but we just call it “part of life.” This is a huge understatement. Chronic inflammation is painful, and it affects our quality of life.

What may be even more common than inflammation is stress. In fact, stress and inflammation are directly related.

Everyone deals with stress differently, but you know what doesn’t deal with stress well? Your body. Stress has so many negative health effects on the body, yet nobody knows how to properly manage their stress.

Perhaps some of these symptoms sound familiar to you: poor-quality sleep, stiffness, getting sick frequently, abnormal digestion, and the inability to feel rested.

Enter golden milk lattes made with natural herbs that combat inflammation and more.

What is a golden milk latte? That’s a nickname for Organifi Gold. Let me explain.

Organifi Gold Turmeric

What is Organifi Gold?

Organifi Gold is the latest superfood supplement released by Organifi. It comes in a powder form that you mix with water or milk. I love mixing it with warm almond milk to create a golden milk latte.

Organifi Gold is also not just a supplement, it’s actually an herbal tea. With traditional herbal teas, you consume hot water infused with tea leaves but not the actual tea itself.

That’s where Organifi Gold is different: You get all the potent benefits of the tea ingredients because you consume the tea itself.

What sets this product aside from Organifi’s other products—which are also superfoods powders—is that this is designed for nighttime consumption.

If you suffer from chronic inflammation or severe stress, you know how difficult is to get a good night’s sleep. Whether you struggle with falling asleep or staying asleep, it’s nearly impossible to feel rested when you’re dealing with so many uncomfortable symptoms.

This powdered gold is formulated with carefully selected ingredients to promote overall soothing of the body and deep, restful sleep. Tired of waking up feeling like a zombie?

Organifi Gold also helps you feel refreshed when you wake up.

Who should use Organifi Gold?

Organifi Gold isn’t just for one particular type of person. The ancient herbs and superfoods promote overall health and wellbeing, so anyone can benefit from this product.

However, Organifi Gold may be especially beneficial for you if you struggle with any of the following:

  • Aches and pains
  • Stiff joints
  • Sore muscles
  • Frequent cold and flu
  • Digestive issues

And, of course, Organifi Gold can make a huge difference by alleviating inflammation and stress.

Let’s discuss how this product works to soothe the entire body. The key? Calming and antioxidant-rich ingredients.

Organifi Gold Ingredients

Unlike many supplements, Organifi Gold consists of more than one or two ingredients. It’s an entire blend of powerful medicinals.

First and foremost, Organifi Gold is very allergy friendly: It’s organic, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and vegan. It contains coconut, though.

organifi gold allergy friendly

Now, let’s get into what makes this product truly one-of-a-kind: the potent ingredients.

Here are the main herbs and superfoods:

Maximum Strength Turmeric

You’ve likely heard about the amazing benefits of turmeric root. It’s anti-inflammatory and packed with antioxidants. These benefits are also scientifically proven as turmeric is a well-studied ingredient.

Organifi Gold doesn’t feature any turmeric, however. Their unique extract process makes their main ingredient 4x more powerful. Plus, Organifi Gold’s proprietary blend includes black pepper, which has been proven to increase the effectiveness of turmeric.

If you have chronic inflammation, the turmeric in Organifi Gold can really make a difference.

Reishi Mushroom

This mushroom is famous in Japan for promoting longevity. It’s even believed to have anti-aging cosmetic benefits. In Organifi Gold, this organic mushroom is used to soothe and relax the body.

If you have sore or tense muscles, this ingredient will be especially helpful for you.

Turkey Tail Mushroom

The other prominent mushroom in Organifi Gold is Turkey Tail. This ingredient is an immune-boosting powerhouse. It’s a very powerful medicinal herb that can help make your body stronger so it can fight off colds and infections.

If you get sick frequently or struggle with infections, Turkey Tail mushroom can help boost your immune system.


Another immune-boosting ingredient in Organifi Gold is ginger. Ginger is also a great detoxifier, and it can help with digestion. It’s also effective at relieving joint pain and soreness.

Organifi considers ginger to be the top alternative medicinal plant because of its array of potent health benefits. This ingredient can offer powerful health benefits to almost anyone.

Acacia Prebiotics

Many studies have confirmed the relationship between digestive health and overall wellness. In fact, the digestive and immune systems are very closely linked. Organifi Gold includes a unique type of prebiotics to support both gut and immune health.

Since inflammation could reside in the stomach, this ingredient also helps to alleviate gut-related inflammation.

organifi gold turmeric ginger

But, how does Organifi Gold taste?

On their own, these ingredients don’t sound like they would make for a good-tasting latte. But don’t let that stop you!

Organifi has uniquely blended these potent, health-promoting ingredients with coconut milk powder, cinnamon, and lemon balm to create a truly unique flavor.

Like I mentioned before, I make a golden milk latte every night using almond milk. Not only do I enjoy the soothing health benefits, I also look forward to the warming flavors.

The bottom line is that I would take Organifi Gold even if I didn’t care for the taste. I take Organifi Gold because it helps me relax and feel better—the great taste is a bonus.

Health Benefits of Using Organifi Gold

The health benefits of Organifi Gold can be described in one word: Calming.

All of the ingredients, their weights, and the entire formulation was specially designed to calm, soothe, and relax various parts of the body.

Whether it’s pain keeping you up at night or mental stress, Organifi Gold has one main goal—To help you relax by relieving the symptoms that are at the root of your health problems.

Here are some of the health benefits Organifi Gold users commonly experience:

Reduces Inflammation

The 4x strength of turmeric combined with ginger and Reishi mushroom have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

The antioxidants in Organifi Gold also go to work to bust existing inflammation and prevent it from reoccurring. If you’re experiencing any swelling, redness, soreness, or pain, you may reap the anti-inflammatory benefits of Organifi Gold.

Alleviates Stress

Organifi Gold alleviates both kinds of stress—physical and mental. Many people underestimate the effect that mental stress can have on physical stress.

Stress can wreak havoc on your digestion, immunity, sleeping habits, hormones, skin health, and more. There are so many health issues that have been scientifically linked to stress.

By alleviating stress with Organifi Gold, you may also experience other health benefits that were being prevented by your high stress levels.

Promotes Better Sleep

Let’s clear up one thing: 5, 6, or 7 hours of sleep is not enough. Irregular sleep schedules won’t cut it either. Interrupted sleep is also no good.

You need 8 consecutive hours of sleep for your body to function properly. This is also important for the health of your immune system.

If 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep sounds impossible to you, give Organifi Gold a try. It puts a lot of people out like a light, even insomniacs. Even better, it helps you stay asleep, so no more waking up in the middle of the night.

Boosts Immune and Gut Health

Your stomach is the center of your body—literally, it’s right in the middle. That’s why we call it our “core.”

Gut health and immunity go hand-in-hand with each other and with the rest of the body, so it’s important to nurture these systems.

Turmeric, ginger, Turkey Tail mushroom, and Acacia prebiotics all work together to support these vital systems and soothe any digestive problems.

gold milk latte organifi

What’s the Cost?

If you were to buy all the ingredients in Organifi Gold separately, it would cost you hundreds of dollars. You probably wouldn’t be able to make your mixture as effective or delicious as Organifi Gold either.

Each 30-day bottle of Organifi Gold normally retails for $79.95.

But you can get each bottle for less than $43 by bundling and taking advantage of Organifi’s subscription service.

Worried you won’t like it? Organifi has a Satisfaction Guarantee because they’re confident that you will love their product. They give you 60 days—twice as long as the bottle lasts—to decide if Organifi Gold works for you.

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Final Thoughts About Organifi Gold

Organifi Gold is the complete opposite of traditional Western solutions to inflammation, stress, and a slew of other health problems. So, I understand if you’re skeptical.

Will medicinal herbs solve all of your problems? Probably not overnight, but if you stick with it long-term, there’s a good chance you’ll see some significant improvements.

If you’ve tried everything and still suffer from chronic health issues, give Organifi Gold a try.

This 60-day money-back guarantee is what sold me. I took the plunge, and I’m so glad I did. I hope you do, too.

Here’s to feeling our best and finally getting some relief, physically and mentally.


  • Organic and vegan ingredients
  • Encourages many health benefits
  • Main ingredient, turmeric, is 4x more powerful
  • 60-day guarantee
  • Great taste
  • Expensive price when not bundled
  • Contains coconut, which some people are intolerant to
Organifi Gold Turmeric

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