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Eliminate The Usage Of Toxic Laundry Detergent At Home And Make This World A Better Place

Water Liberty Magnetic Laundry
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Water Liberty Magnetic Laundry

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Read my review of the Water Liberty Magnetic Laundry system to see if it is a product that you should try.

With spring cleaning around the corner, there couldn’t be a better time to tell you about my new company crush, Water Liberty. In particular, their Magnetic Laundry System and NanoTowels. 

Both are revelations in everyday cleaning, and have saved me lots of time and money. Not to mention the planet!

Let’s take a closer look at each…

The Magnetic Laundry System

Water Liberty Magnetic Laundry

Simply put, the system is two heavy-duty magnets that replace laundry detergent. I know, I was skeptical too. But hear me out…

Detergent isn’t what actually cleans your clothes. Water is. Detergent helps spread out the water molecules, helping them get into the fibers of clothing. That’s why it’s so slippery. But it also comes with tons of nasty chemicals.

Did you know that many contain formaldehyde, which not only irritates the throat and eyes, but also increases the risk of asthma, ALS, and cancer?

They cover it up with that “Spring Fresh” scent.

I didn’t want my family exposed to that junk anymore. It makes me angry that I can’t do something as simple as clean my kids’ sheets without exposing them to life-threatening chemicals.

The two magnets do the same job of spreading water molecules through intense magnetization. Without the toxins. Pop them into front or top-load machines and run with cold or hot water.

If you have a front-load machine, I recommend putting them into a couple socks. Otherwise, the sound of clanging magnets will drive you insane!

And it actually works. Even odors from my husband’s work clothes and unfortunate gifts left from the cat are gone. Though I recommend using hot water for those!

Cold water works great for regular loads. I’ve even heard about people using them to wash reusable diapers!

Clean white shirt

Truly clean clothes shouldn’t smell like anything. But if you really like that “fresh” smell, a great trick is to add a drop or two of essential oils in your laundry.

If you’re concerned about disinfecting clothes, white vinegar kills 99% of bacteria and is much safer than detergent!

I’ve had no problem getting out stains, even coffee! But for those really tough spots, the company also came up with the Enzyme Stain Remover. It's completely safe. And as a concentrate, it's not going to run low anytime soon! The remover comes free with the Full Package Special.


The Magnetic Laundry system comes in three different packages, check them out here! All packages come with a 50-year Manufacturer Warranty, and a 60 Day Money Back and Satisfaction Guarantee.

Which means that if you don’t like them (even though I think you will) you can send them back, no questions asked!

Plus, all packages are currently at a discounted price, so I suggest trying them out as soon as possible!

I've done the math, and you start saving on detergent within one year of purchasing the magnets. Imagine the savings from a lifetime of use!



You know you’re an adult when you get this giddy over towels. But these are a game changer.

NanoTowels are made from Nanolon Fiber, which is hundreds of times finer than human hair. These 14” by 14” towels can clean just about anything.

They soak up simple spills like crazy with no drip! They absorb way better than cotton and cut the waste of paper towels.

They’re non-abrasive and work on every surface I’ve been able to think of - tile, laminate, chrome, glass, walls, and ceilings. They get the soap scum out of bathrooms and can clean mirrors without leaving streaks.

I have one for my car too. It lifts all the dust from the interior and doesn’t scratch the paint job.

Did I mention all this was done without any cleaning products?

I just use one side wet, and the other dry. Just like laundry detergents, it’s no secret that most household cleaners are full of harmful toxins that impact our health. NanoTowels eliminate the need for bathroom and kitchen cleaners, glass cleaners, car wash...you get the idea! 

You can even use them on your skin. They’re super soft and wonderful for washing my face.

When you’re done, they can go in the wash for years of use.


The NanoTowels also come in packages, ranging from $19.95 for four towels, to $99.95 for a pack of 24. Water Liberty provides Full Money Back, Best Price, and 100% Satisfaction Guarantees. Plus a one-year warranty - which is a lot for a towel.

So, in my opinion, there’s really not much to lose! The amount I’ve already saved in cleaning products, paper towels, etc. is enough for me to switch for good. 

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

I love how much money these products have saved me, and that they've allowed me to banish chemicals from my home. But I also love them because they reduce the waste my house produces.

All those plastic bottles and paper towels are cringe-worthy. I’m so glad I’ve found a way to reduce my plastic consumption.

I'm also no longer polluting the water system by pouring cleaning products down the drain. With the Magnetic Laundry System and NanoTowels, I use virtually no cleaning products anymore.

If there’s a particularly tough spot or stain, I find baking soda and vinegar always do the trick. Essential oils keep everything smelling wonderful and fresh. 

Final Thoughts About The Water Liberty System

The Magnetic Laundry System and NanoTowels are both one-time investments that can last a lifetime. But if you ask me, I would pay again for the peace of mind they’ve brought me.

They help save time, money, your health, and the planet. 


  • Warranties and Satisfaction Guarantees
  • Eliminates the need for toxic household cleaners and detergents
  • Reduces your home’s carbon footprint
  • Saves you tons of money

  • No “fresh” scent added
  • Initial investment necessary to save money later
  • Bad stains can require pre-treatments

Wash Your Clothes Without Using A Single Drop Of Toxic Chemical Detergent

Eliminate The Usage Of Toxic Laundry Detergent At Home And Make This World A Better Place

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